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Where Are All The Books?


The Crown In The Heather

I am sure many of you who have been part of a writing critique group have at least one contributor whose story everyone else rushes to critique. Their writing jumps off the page and portrays their hero's introspective emotions so well, you forget to line edit as you are so involved with the story.

Their expertise makes you wonder why you call yoursef a writer at all? Well OK, I'm talking about me here, but some of you will know what I mean.

Well this lady is that writer, who, for some inexplicable reason, has been overlooked by mainstream publishers. The good news is that she has resorted to self publishing and her first book is out now.

For those who love stories of Medieval Scotland, I can guarantee you will love Gemini Sasson's novel based on the life of Robert The Bruce.

The Crown in The Heather is the first of a trilogy, so there are more delights to come. I have also read her novel, Isabeau, based on Queen Isabella, 'The She Wolf', and consort of the decadent Ed…

Sacrifice by S J Bolton

As a reviewer for the HNR Blog, together with all the critiques I do, I think I am suffering from something called Reviewer's Fatigue. It takes a lot for a book to grab me, but I found one this week in Sacrifice, by Sharon J Bolton, and had to share this one.

I couldn't believe this was a debut novel, the writing is slick, compelling and the main character drew me in from the first page. Even with its understone of dark secrets and evil, the author instills some great humour in the thoughts of the narrator.

Tora Guthrie is an obstetrician whose husband, Duncan has brought them back to his home Island of Shetland to live after a twenty year absence. Duncan buys an ancient stone house with fascinating rune carvings in the cellar, and Tora finds a job in the local hospital.

Things begin to go wrong when Tora accidentally digs up the body of a local woman on her land. Wrapped in linen and buried in peat, this was no ordinary death, for the woman's heart was removed while she st…

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