Thursday, 27 May 2010

My PC Won't Start

I experienced the worst message a writer can find when they press the 'On' switch on their laptop - 'This compuer is unable to start'
What! You were fine half an hour ago, what's going on?
A screen came up saying 'Attempting repair-this may take a few minutes' So while a blue line scrolls across a blank screen, I made another coffee and sat there biting my nails while several scenarios went through my head:

1. My backups are a week old, and I have written several thousands words and done some edits since then, including an entire chapter rewrite.
2. This laptop is only 18 months old. I cannot possibly tell the husband I need a new one - I am on my third machine in five years as it is! The fact he bought a new desktop mac and a netbook in the last six months is immaterial - his is 'real' work. Meaning it pays!
3. I have hundreds of research files on this machine - I risked viruses, phishing and trojan horses to get those - I will never find them all again.
4. I don't have another machine, not even an old one - when I kill them, they stay dead! Apart from getting up in the night and sneaking onto husband's machine while he's asleep - I'm screwed. Not that its practical, he wakes up if I turn over too fast!
5. Perhaps I could slip him some extra strength sleeping pills and -

What's that? 'Repair complete?' Great, panic over - now where's my backup pen drive, I'm not risking this happening again!


N. Gemini Sasson said...

Oh Anita, I feel your pain and your panic. My desktop is mortally ill. It has been 're-built' more than once and for the last two years I've put up with its glitches. I think I finally cussed and pouted and screamed loud enough, because the spouse said to go ahead and get a new one. Yesterday I ordered it (ouch!). I can only pray this old one will survive until its replacement arrives and our techno-geek friend can show up to transfer things like my e-mails and contacts, because I haven't a clue how.

Mirella Sichirollo Patzer said...

Oh, Anita, I can't think of anything worse than this. I once encounter an author who sat next to me and told me she lost her entire manuscript when her harddrive failed. Ever since, I've been insane about saving my work. Every time I write, I save it on the computer I'm working on (I have 3) and again on my flash drive. But I've even gone further because in case of a fire in my home, I doubt the first thing on my mind will be my flashdrive or computer. So I save my entire manuscript on our Yahoo group or I've sent myself my manuscript via email.

What happened to you is a reminder to all of us to save, save, save. Nothing is too extreme.

India Drummond said...

Ugh! Absolutely the worst feeling ever! I'm so scared of losing my files that I save them in three different places via the wireless network. I hate that panicky feeling!