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My PC Won't Start

I experienced the worst message a writer can find when they press the 'On' switch on their laptop - 'This compuer is unable to start'
What! You were fine half an hour ago, what's going on?
A screen came up saying 'Attempting repair-this may take a few minutes' So while a blue line scrolls across a blank screen, I made another coffee and sat there biting my nails while several scenarios went through my head:

1. My backups are a week old, and I have written several thousands words and done some edits since then, including an entire chapter rewrite.
2. This laptop is only 18 months old. I cannot possibly tell the husband I need a new one - I am on my third machine in five years as it is! The fact he bought a new desktop mac and a netbook in the last six months is immaterial - his is 'real' work. Meaning it pays!
3. I have hundreds of research files on this machine - I risked viruses, phishing and trojan horses to get those - I will never find them all agai…

Mainstream or DIY?

Firstly, thank you to those who e-mailed me this weeks asking if I am OK because I haven't blogged since ....oh a week or two.

I'm fine, though not much is happening on the writing scene, for me anyway-other than I am slogging away at my 17th Century novel. It has become clear that there is so much happening in the second half, I am going to have to go back to the beginning and start trimming the first half!

Word count rules! Well it does for us unknowns anyway!

Being an historical fiction writer is not a route I would recommend to anyone in this current climate - mainly because I cannot stand the competition! Then again, it isn't the writing that's the hard part, but getting published.

I have spoken to several this week, care of Skype - thanks only to technology that provides free trans Atlantic conversations - and a surprising number of them are considering Self Publishing. Not as a last ditch, 'I have worked so hard on this if I have to publish it myself, I will…

Writing Blunders

When my Writers Digest pops up in my e-mail, I usually scan it briefly to kid myself I am keeping up with the publishing world. But sometimes an article catches my eye and this was one by Jerry B Jenkins: [A summarised version-the original is here, and it's well worth a read]

1. Morning-routine cliché - How may times have you seen a book begin with a main character being "rudely awakened" from a "sound sleep" by a "clanging" alarm clock? Speaking of clichés, been there, done that. We all have. Don't ever do it again. Compounding that cliché is having the "bleary-eyed" character drag himself from his bed, squinting against the intruding sunlight. And compounding that is telling the reader everything the character sees in the room. Then he'll pass by or stand before a full-length mirror, and we'll get the full rundown of what the poor guy looks like.

2. Answering-the-phone cliché - This happens even in the movies or on stage. Be awar…

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