Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ghosts at Ham House?

Last June, an article appeared in the Elmbridge Guardian with a photograph of a ghostly image a tourist captured on camera at Ham House. A visitor and his girlfriend described hearing a deep growl while on a tour of the lower floor. Something compelled the girl to take a photo as they left the room.

He said: “We were walking out and I just felt I couldn’t be there. I had tingles down my body but my girlfriend felt the need to take a picture. When the couple got home and uploaded the snap, they spotted a white, orb-like shape in the picture of the empty room. He is convinced his photograph is the “capture of the century”, as he believes it shows the duchess, her dog and her cane, which residents claim to have heard tapping along the floorboards.

Ham House, built in 1610, has a history of hauntings, with the Duchess of Lauderdale and her dog the subject of numerous sightings through hundreds of years. The house has been subject to a year long investigation by paranormal investigators which recorded a number of phenomena that remain unexplained.

In September 2004, for instance, ghostly footprints materialised on the wooden floor of the inner hall. A guide in the house says people have written to the trust asking, 'Why have I got to leave my dog outside when I saw one indoors? And every time they said they saw a King Charles Spaniel. Many visitors say they notice a faint smell of roses in the stairwell, the Duchess's favourite perfume.

Hmm.. I wonder if Elizabeth Murray knows I am writing about her?


Lisa Yarde said...

Think of this way, Anita: Are you planning on visiting Ham again, after CG is published? Then, you might want to be careful. Just kidding, of course. I love ghost stories, find them fascinating. Who's stay to say Elizabeth's spirit doesn't linger on? She was certainly attached to her house in life.

Alison Stuart said...

I love ghost stories, Anita!

I have my own unexplained "blob" photograph up on my website (you need to scroll down a bit). It was taken at Hadrian's wall and the photographs taken immediately before or after are clear so it's not a smudge on the lens. People who know more about these things than I do tell me it is not an insect or bird. Perhaps one of your readers could provide an explanation?

India Drummond said...

Ooh I do love a ghost story as well!

I'm convinced we have a ghost or two. Either that or my cats are actually meowing at nothing when they seem to be tilting their heads and listening, and then replying as though they understood!

Heart of the wood said...

Hi - found your blog via the piece you did for History and Women blog. Looking forward to exploring it!