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When Publishing was a Different Animal

And I am not talking about the ninteenth century here, more like 1980!

I doubt I am alone among my author friends, in that we subscribe to the opinion that to 'learn the craft' is an important part of becoming a published author. This involves not only grammatically correct writing, but that to remain in one character's PoV for each separate scene, avoid gerunds, passive voice and the over use of adjectives. Lengthy descriptions and accounts of events, especially in historical novels, slows the pace and pulls the reader away from the story. The first page should begin with a shock, some kind of drama that propels us into the meat of the story and make the reader want to keep reading.

Any arguments so far? No. Because we have these 'rules' drummed into us from the first piece of work we submit to an editor. However, I am in the process of reviewing Cynthia Harrod Eagles' 'Dynasty' series of historical novels which were first published thirty years ago.


Lea Schizas - New E-Publisher

A few author friends have contacted me asking about reliable e-publishing companies they were considering for submissions, but needed to know more about their reputation, policies and processes etc. At the time of asking, I knew some names, but could not comment from a personal perspective, however I do have experience of a lady called Lea Schizas who has opened a Canadian E-Publishing Company called Muse It Up Publishing.

Again, the only information I have is what is on the website, but I do know Lea, who is a great author, reviewer, editor, mentor and virtual friend on the groups I chat with between writing, so if anyone considers that as sufficient recommendation, Lea is currrently accepting submissions.

She is looking for Mystery and Suspense, Paranormal and fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance and Historical Romance, Horror and Dark Fiction, Young Adult, and will soon be accepting Erotica under MuseItHOT! And... she is accepting short stories too! Her submission guidelines are here.

I wish her…

Review of Hooked On You by Anne Whitfield

I don't normally read contemporary romances, not because I have anything against them, but mainly because I am so busy delving into historical novels and reference books for atmosphere, I rarely get the chance to read much else.

I did download one onto my E-Reader written by my dear friend, Anne Whitfield. Called 'Hooked on You', it's the story of every single twentysomething young woman approaching thirty who feels their life is going nowhere.

Katie is all those things and after telling her lecherous boss to shove it, she takes a job with a sports magazine reporter who needs a PA with no ties to travel with him and handle his paperwork.

Having never seen this man, Katie feels it's hardly relevant whether they will get on or not. The fact she has nothing to tie her to London, no life, no boyfriend and her best friend is trying to make up her mind whether to accept a proposal from Mr Perfect, is the ultimate confirmation Katie has nothing to look forward to. So exp…

Quotes From The Carolean Court

King Charles I: Never make a defense or an apology until you are accused

Queen Henrietta Maria: Did you know that last night at dinner I was obliged to eat all five courses from the same plate? I've never heard of anything so disgusting.
Nell Gwynn: [after being mistaken for Charles' Catholic mistress Louise de Kéroualle] Pray good people, be civil. You are mistaken; I am the Protestant whore.
King Charles II: [on his deathbed]Be kind to Portsmouth [Louise de Kéroualle] and let not poor Nelly starve.
John Wilmot, Earl Rochester: Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children, and no theories.
King Charles II: As you intend on poetry, Rochester, why not provide it yourself?
John Wilmot, Earl Rochester: A short epigram in your honour then, Your Majesty. "We have a pretty, witty King, Whose word no man relies on. Who never said a foolish thing, Nor ever did a wise one"
King Charles II: Be just, Rochester. The wise words are my own,…

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