Thursday, 28 January 2010

Curse of Farmville

As an aspiring author, I joined Facebook for the purpose of networking with other authors to exchange ideas, progress, succcess and even moan about our failures. A harmless occupation?

No! Because one of my author friends introduced me to Farmville, an online game where participants buy animals, grow crops and populate their acres with trees, barns, workshops and cottages. Simple enough little game you might think, but what someone didn't warn me about was how addictive it is!

My first task in the morning was to check my e-mails and critiques, now I log onto my farm to see if my crops are ready for harvesting and how many gifts I have been sent by my farming 'neighbours.' Then there are the eggs that need collecting, the milking, calves to pet, kittens to brush, the fruit harvest, the plowing, seeding and plotting the fences to keep all these adorable animals in.

It's compelling, fun and thoroughly time wasting and I should never have started because now I can't stop! I realised I was a serious addict last night, when, having planted some pumpkins, I stayed up until 2.00 am to harvest them, as if I had waited until morning the crop would have withered.

Someone stop me before I accept the invitations that keep appearing in my inbox for Mafia Wars, Yoville, Petville, Cafe World, Fishville and all the other conspiracies to keep me online for the rest of my life.

Does anyone have a cure for this? Because I have a book to write!!!!


Mirella Sichirollo Patzer said...

Oh Anita, I laughed till I fell off my chair. Now I want to join too, but I daren't. Only now have I managed to develop a writing schedule that is working.

But on the other hand, it's good to have such great little diversions. I know you'll tire of it soon enough.

Enjoy and thanks for the delightful post. You write about the funnest things.

Now get back to work!

I'm off to check the site out. For my little grandson, of course, LOL.

nanina d'onofrio said...

Well...I just hopped over here from Fish World and I'm not going to be much help! When I get a hold of my sister I'm going to blame her for my addiction. The only thing that gets me back on the wagon is that the Fish World application disrupts my wireless signal. After it happens 3 or 4 times, I give up and move on to more lofty occupations. Sigh. I don't know what to say other than it is fun and you're not alone. Maybe you can view the game as a tool for planning your vegetable/herb garden?

Anne Gilbert said...

I'm not going to be much help, eithei>r. Because I got sucked into Farmville by an anthropologist! No, I"m not making this up. The anthropologist in question is busy on another forum I sometimes inhabit. Anyway, I'm just as addicted as you, and I'm looking for some more Farmville neighbors. . . .Ugh! Not helping my writing schedule, either!
Anne G

KarenG said...

I guess it's a good thing I have managed to stay off facebook thus far. Addicting games I don't need! Hey, wait a second, is there a chance I could parlay this into sales for my book Farm Girl??!!

N. Gemini Sasson said...

But you can quit at any time, right? Do we need to have an intervention?

Muse in the Fog said...

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Farmville is an addicting thing! LOL I remember staying up in order to harvest...luckily I have calmed down a bit and only harvest once a day (it took a while LOL)

Jen Black said...

I've been wondering why *certain persons* have been sending me gifts of calves, cats and such like. I've ignored them. 2am, for God's sake! What about a good night's sleeep? Anita - get a grip and get back to writing!
JEn - shaking her head, but laughing!

Anne Gilbert said...

Jen, Karen, Anita, and all:

Oboy! For Karen, if you can stay of Facebook and Farmville, good for you. And certainly you can parlay it into a "Farm Girl" book if you want! Sounds like a great idea, actually. For the rest of us, I think writers need their diversons. Just don't let me go on about how I discovered Runescape. . . .
Anne G

K.A.T. said...

Um actually, if those were the 4 hour superpumpkins they would have withered, LOL. (to ease that harvest worry-you can download Farmville toolbar which tells you how many hours remaining)
@AnneG--I'm a good neighbor(I gift)

Glynis said...

Fortunately my friend emailed me and warned me not to join Farmville. She knew I was trying to finish ms and have given myself a deadline. She also knew how addictive it was, and had to wean herself off of it.
I hope you wean off with no side effects Anita. ;0

Mummy said...

I completely empathise with you. I have spent months decorating my diner, harvesting crops, and fighting the evil elements of New York, whilst maintaining my incredibly high score at "Bejewelled Blitz"!! No more...I've found great blogs instead!!