Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Cringe Gland

There is a UK TV ad in which that superb Iranian comedian Omid Djalili pokes brilliant fun at the reticence of the British to haggle, with what he calls our 'Over-Active Cringe Gland'. That is so me when it comes to promoting myself in the arena of wannabee authors.

My Victorian Romance has so far failed miserably to elicit that much-coveted publishing deal. I have another completed manuscript that I assume will attract an equal number of rejections, so it sits on my laptop, untouched and unloved. A friend asked me about it recently, as she missed critiquing it on my group, so I sent it to her. She read it and wrote back saying, 'You must submit this, it's a lovely story and I normally am not a romance fan'.

I thanked her, but here the 'cringe gland' kicked in and I didn't want to 'bother' all those publishers whom I am convinced will give long drawn out groans when they see my name on another manuscript.

I feel the same way about doing hundreds of blog interviews about my published books, my instinct being 'that was last year, no one is interested in them now', or that readers will recognise my name and the bored sighs will be heard all over reader land, along with the words 'not THAT book again'.

So I have moved on and begun a new 17th Century wip which puts me right back in my comfort zone of the solitary author slaving over a keyboard. The problem is, when it comes to pushing forward to the front of the 'Read me, read me' queue, I shall be the one at the back tapping someone on the shoulder and saying politely, 'I don't want to bore you, but would you give my book a teeny weeny little look?'


Glynis said...

If they keep seeing your name Anita, they will know you are determined. Good luck in 2010.

OneLifeLiveIt said...

Life is about promoting yourself and having the confidence to keeping pushing forward.

Sure sometimes you may fall on your face or may even feel embarrassed but that is what life is about - dealing with the high and lows.

Never give up and believe in yourself.

Anonymous said...

I understand exactly what you meant here Anita! I have the same "Cringe Gland" when it comes to promoting my Astrology services, and the upcoming info sessions and astrology lessons I am to conduct, away from the safety of my humble abode.

"Who me? What have I to say that others will want to hear?" LOL! :))) The wee ego is in the way, wanting to keep the status quo. Blessings to you that you keep on keeping on!