We'll Always Need Books - Won't We?

It's always been my ambition, well, since I started writing that is, to see a paperback with my name on the cover sitting on the shelves of a leading high street bookshop. With Borders UK announcing the shutting down of forty five stores last week, that goal appears to have slipped a little further into the mists of delusion. The good news is that Waterstones is interested in buying the shops - possibly.

Undaunted though, I will keep writing, because as everyone tells me, the economic climate won't always be on the downturn and the demand for books is bound to rise like everything else. I'm not sure what others think, but I have found the bookstore shelves sadly lacking new content over the last few months. As a reader I find this disappointing, aa although cinema and theatre going, attendance in restaurants etc has diminished, I am sure I cannot be alone in that book buying is still a major leisure activity.

Here's hoping 2010 will be a better year for writers, and readers.


Hi Anita, I'm following you now from the U.S, I'm the farm girl photo. I understand your concern about this situation. I love books! I believe in books! I don't want to see the bookstores closing, but it's happening here in the U.S., too. A lot of the smaller ones, the indies, are blaming Amazon.
Glynis said…
My family are all getting books for Christmas. Here in Cyprus we are getting English bookstores and they are like walking into a dream for me. I have not had the pleasure for such a long time, I will not let books die over here LOL.
Sheila Lamb said…
Hi Anita - I do hope book publishing improves and hopefully this is an economic phase that will soon end. :-)
Nadine Laman said…
Once we become writers and know the work and time that goes into making a great story, I think we come to appreciate the whole process (and even the industry system of delivery) more than before. We understand that lending books to each other, while free for us, gives nothing to the writer. Amazon is easy (and I shop there too) but there is nothing like walking into a bookstore and discovering books I didn't know existed. The time browsing the shelves is full of discovery. I love it. Good luck and high hopes for your works.
Ginger Simpson said…
Like you, I'm shooting for a "real" publishing contract. I want my book to be in a real store, especially after eight full-length novels available only online in download or at Amazon for a ridiculous price. Wouldn't you know that now all the news is predicting that ebooks are on the rise. Maybe I'll make a royalty check I can spend somewhere else besides McDonalds. My reviews show I can write, but my checks don't prove it. :)
jayda said…
Recession or not, I still buy book. Book lovers will always be book lovers, no matter the economic climate. I might buy less, but can't see myself passing on a good read.
Anonymous said…
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