Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Strategy for 2010

My wish came true and the snow did last until Christmas, but it caused havoc countrywide and a present I ordered almost didn't make it. Now we are back to cold wind and relentless rain, all the
hallmarks of an English January.

As with many of my writing friends, we hope for new things in the publishing world in 2010, like book contracts for us all and a resurgence of Historical Fiction enthusiasts.

One message which dropped into my inbox was for a critique partner linking me to an article entitled: The key to literary success? Be a man -- or write like one, in the Washington Post by author Julianna Baggott. It begins with the words:

This fall, Publishers Weekly named the top 100 books of 2009. How many female writers were in the top 10? Zero. How many on the entire list? Twenty-nine.

I almost didn't read any further, I mean January is the most depressing month of the year, who needs further bad news for wannabee mainstream authors?

I'm not discouraged though, well not entirely. In 2010, I am going to concentrate on my 17th Century novel about Elizabeth Murray and try to make it the best story I can. The writing rules will receive due attention but I shan't be a slave to them. The story's the thing.

For those who would like to comment, and I love receiving them - please do and accept my apologies for the verification thingy. My blog was highjacked on Christmas Day and someone entered ten comments for every post full of sales junk! Do these idiots really think they are going to sell anything this way?


Lisa Yarde said...

Anita, I'm wishing you the best success in 2010, a new contract, and a nice advance to go with it.

Jen Black said...

I hope the idiots who steal blog space will disappear with Christmas. Happy New Year!

Mirella Sichirollo Patzer said...

Anita, wishing you wonderful things for 2010. It's only a matter of time before the publishing world opens its arms wide for you!


Carolin said...

Sorry I depressed you with that article. I've decided that you have to remain true to yourself and write the best you can - without slavishly following the latest, greatest convention, which may or may not jive with your way of writing. If I get published, great, if not, tant pis.... I'm only willing to prostitute myself so far ;-) I'm a woman, and proud of it. If I get published, it will be under my real, full name!

The best for 2010 - you WILL get published one day, I know :-)


Nadine Laman said...

No reason women can't write the top ten books of 2010. Let's go for it.