Friday, 18 December 2009

White Christmas in England?

I know I am being a little kid, but I just love the idea of a White Christmas and this morning, we
woke up to the closest I can remember to it - ever. We are twenty miles from London here, the commuters are moaning and lots of schools are closed, the doom and gloom boys are in full swing with dire warnings about 'elf and safety' - but I for one hope it lasts until Christmas Day.

Global warming? What Global Warming?


Mirella Sichirollo Patzer said...

What a beautiful area you live in. I'm glad you like snow so much. White Christmases with gently falling snow are most beautiful. Here in Western Canada, we've had more than usual snowfalls. But today, a Chinook wind blows and it is melting everything. We are having nice warm weather. Much better than the 30 degrees below zero of the past few weeks.

Jackie Hodson said...

I'm with you Anita.
Just driven through a snow storm (bad) to home with the trees looking like lace against the dark sky (stunning).
I hope it lasts too!!

Ginger Simpson said...

Wahhhh! I'm being a baby. I want snow for Christmas. I spent most of my life in California, trying to endure 80 degree December days. I moved to Tennessee because I want a white Christmas again! Whodda thunk my first ever was in Arizona. It was beautiful. :)

Glynis said...

I can't remember where you live, but I lived in Manningtree in Essex. I understand from my family last week was a sight to enjoy.
We had snow overnight here in Cyprus, two years ago. It was moving up the mountains to the Troodos and dropped a load on us. It was gorgeous but gone in the am.

Happy Scribbling during 2010

Anonymous said...

that snow looks amazing anita ---

where abouts are you?


Anita Davison said...

A Buckinghamshire, a Georgian Coaching Village which was the last stop before London in the 18th/19th Century - very pretty