Sailing Away......

I'm feeling somewhat nervous today, and the writing is taking a back seat, due to the fact my daughter has arrived in Mindelo, in the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Africa to take part in an 'Atlantic Challenge'.

Joining a crew of fifteen on a 65ft yacht, they will sail to Barbados in the South Atlantic. The journey should take two weeks, barring storms, sharks, 45ft waves and pirates, after which she'll spend a week in the Bahamas before flying back to the UK.

An adrenalin-fuelled working holiday in fact, though from what it has cost her, she could have booked a first class cabin on the Queen Mary II and been served margeritas by hot hunks in uniform all the way!

Instead, she chose to sleep in a cramped crew quarters, or on deck if it's hot and do a four-hour-on, four-hours-off watch! Splicing the mainbrace and running up the mainsail isn't my idea of a holiday. But as they say, 'There's 'Nowt so Queer as Folk'


Glynis said…
I wish her good luck and mum at least one night of rest!
I think I would have gone for the cruise and hunks. What an adventure though, I hope she has fun.
Jen Black said…
What an adventurous spirit your children have Anita! I do so admire them. Sailing from Africa to the CAribbean - wonderful! She cn relaz with the rum punches on Barbadoes when it's all over. Perhaps you should knock back one or two now...
India Drummond said…
This sounds like a wonderful adventure for her. I had a friend at university who did something like this, and she's always said it was one of the best experiences of her life.

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