Thursday, 22 October 2009

The OMG Moment

For those authors, and that's just about all of us, who carefully prepare that vital query to the 'perfect agent', agonising over what to say, what not to say, which order to put the information in, should we tell them we won the History prize at school? That our Reading Group loves us? That we have another six wips ready and waiting if they don't like this one?

We even submit the query to a critique group or forum to ask for critiques and advice for the re-writes. In fact, many of us spend more time perfecting our query letter and synopsis than we do the first chapter of our manuscript.

Then we carefully format and prepare the file, compose the e-mail and ten seconds after we press the 'send' button - the OMG moment - when we realise something got sent that shouldn't have, or we spelled the agent's name wrong.

I would love to hear about the funny things aspiring authors sent off by mistake - I'm sure it would make an extremely entertaining novel all by itself.


N. Gemini Sasson said...

I used to send out queries in small batches. Imagine my chagrin when I got one of my SASE's and the return address did not match the address on the letterhead inside. Yes, I had stuck the wrong query in the wrong envelope. Fortunately I only swapped two, but yep, those were both automatic 'no thank you's.

Marsha Moore said...

I hate the 'OMG' moment!

I did the same thing as N. Gemini - I swapped envelopes by mistake. I only realised my error when I got my SAE back in the post. My query letter was stuck inside with a big slash across it and giant letters saying: THIS IS NOT ME!


Anita Davison said...

Oh, Marsha that must have been horrible - and unnecessary

I'll bet if you do query them again they won't remember anyway!

Lisa Yarde said...

I think the worst I ever did was to send a full when the first 50 pages were clearly requested. Didn't take long to wonder why I never heard from the agent I was trying to get.