Friday, 30 October 2009

I Hate Halloween

It's that time of year again and I'm afraid I'm coming out of the closet to say Halloween is not my favourite time. The pumpkin lanterns and the arched cats in shop windows with witches' hats are fun. What I don't like is that parents are emotionally blackmailed into buying elaborate costumes for their offspring for the purpose of demanding sweets with menaces from complete strangers at their own front door!

I hate the gimme-gimme aspect, and the fact they are rarely polite - even with Mum or Dad hovering in the background, most don't even bother to say "trick or treat," but just reach out to dip their mucky little mitts into a bowl of sweets I felt compelled to buy for this express purpose!

They aren't happy with a few either, these kids have buckets to fill! - in a nation with a serious obesity problem where the Government is spending public money on viral TV advertising!

And some of them aren't kids, they have real facial hair and a can of lager in their back pocket. Their hands are so big, they grab five times what the little kids take and have no shame about it.

At least I can console myself with the image of the little dears throwing up in the back of Dad's BMW on the way home, only to stuff themselves with their booty all over again until they have enough refined sugar and E numbers crashing through their systems to bring on a permanent personality change.

The very worst thing about Halloween, is, every year I promise I'm not going to eat the left over sweets - and I always do!!

Spoilsport? Maybe, probably, definitely, and before you ask - yes of course my kids went 'Trick or Treating'. What do you think they were - deprived?


Victoria Dixon said...

Great blog, Anita! I'm still laughing. At least this year I was still able to get away with buying a little this and that and making my daughter one costume for warm days and buying her a cheap used costume. I'm sure I won't be as lucky in a few years....

Jen Black said...

I hate it too, and for similar reasons. It's doors locked, lights out and curtains closed tonight,

Anonymous said...

I'm the Grinch that stole Halloween. I never let them put their grimy little mitts in my bowl, I hand out one or two candies and that's it. I agree with you about the greed that has consumed Halloween. They used to come by the carload with pillowcases half full. I would have nice candies for the kids of the neighborhood and cheap stuff for the carloads.

Lisa Logan said...

I am a pro-Halloween fan, but we do not go door to door. Our town sponsors a trick-or-treat fest along the merchant district. And my kid has been endlessly coached on a pleasant "Trick or Treat!" with a smile, followed by an immediate "Thank you!" for the candy. She's a pro at it now, and it's a nice change for candy givers from the other kids I see shuffling around without a word like "gimme" zombies.


Glynis said...

Move to Cyprus and avoid it LOL
Don't remove Halloween from the calendar though,as it is my birthday LOL

I remember having a disgusting egg mix thrown at my house years ago in the UK. It took the colour out of the bricks. I had 3 tiny tots and no intention of answering the door, we removed the bell battery and were victims of abuse. The following year our dog sat by the gate!

Ketutar said...

We live in a high-rise in an apartment, and remove the door bell too for Halloween and Easter (Yes, in Scandinavia kids go candy-begging twice a year...). No-one has shoveled anything disgusting into our mail-slot nor egged our "house" for our Halloween-Grinchy-Scrooginess. It might be different if we lived in USA in a house.