Blogging Is Cool

Not that I am allowed to say that particular 'c' word as I am over forty - but this blogging stuff really works. To an extent anyway, because my booksales haven't hit giddy heights, but I still have hopes.

David Plant, the manager of a fabulous website about the English Civil War, the site I make most use of on my bookmark toolbar, has e-mailed me out of the blue informing me that he is happy to link my blog to the site under 'Links' as his web statistics state I have generated some valuable traffic for him from my blog.

There you go then links do get used, so do keep circulating the blogs and keep chatting - about anything.

And for anyone who is interested in the Civil War of 1642-1646, this is the site and it makes very interesting reading. There is a great timeline, the biographies of leading Royalists and Roundheads and summaries of all the pivotal battles and sieges with maps.


Glynis said…
That was useful to know, thanks for sharing!
I am off to have a browse of his blog now. It is nice to know our blogs are helping others, it makes it all worth while.

Btw, I have tried to read Allergy & Lions posts about your cold, but I get a no page found.
Glynis said…
Thanks for the comment back at my blog Anita.nAs an ex NHS nurse I do understand LOL
I enjoyed my visit to David's site and have book marked it.
Anonymous said…
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