One Lovely Blog Award

Ginger Simpson has awarded me a Blog Award, not that I recognised myself in her testimony - in fact I'd better check. Oh yeah, she did mean me! How nice of her. Now I have to think of three people who write blogs to send this to, and not all my friends write them.

These are the three, in chronological order of christian name so I'm not playing favourites;

Anne Whitfield, who took my embryo scribblings and helped me turn them into a proper novel. Poor woman, whenever I get discouraged by the number of rejections and my critiques don't come in with the comments I had hoped - she's the one I go running to for a good old whinge. She never gets bored with me - or at least she says she doesn't, I'll bet her husband Mark has a different story! She's a real fan of my work and I couldn't do without her.

Gemini Sasson, is also a critique partner and someone I got to for impartial advice. She is an awesome writer herself and I really value her opinion on my work. She is great fun and loves dogs as she's a breeder of Australian Shepherds, so what's not to like?

Lisa Yarde, is my soulmate from whom I must have been separated at birth. Although she lives in New York and I live in London, we are so atuned, we always know when the other one is feeling down and the writing thing has got us stumped. Always encouraging of my work, she gives me great advice and some very well thought out critiques. She too is a fabulous writer who is simply waiting for her time - and I feel sure it must come soon. I'm an avid fan of her novels, and she introduced me to critique groups which have totally changed my life. Love ya Lisa.

You know the rules, pick your three awards and pass them on, giving a link to my blog when you do. I have plenty more bloggers I would love to mention, so I shall have to award it again sometime.


Jenna said…
Congrats on the award! :D
Thanks so much for passing the award on, Anita.
WHinge away, I don't mind as you know. And Mark thinks you're lovely too. LOL
I'm honored, Anita. You'll always be a mentor to me and I have you to thank for making me a far better writer than I was two years ago. Luv ya!
Anonymous said…
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