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Our groups are discussing a thread at the moment based on two Guardian articles by Gavriel Kay and Antony Beevoras to why Historical Fiction writers shouldn't base fiction on 'real' people. Amongst the reasons given are:

1. Fiction distorts historical accuracy, thus misrepresenting the real character.
2. Invades that person's privacy and distresses relatives or ancestors.
3. Historical fiction can produce 'counter knowledge' i.e. the propagation of false legends.

Some authors who write historical fiction mix well known facts with supposition, and perhaps their readers may be unable to separate them. Beevor says the defenders of 'histo-entertainment' claim that, even if it distorts the material, it gives a taste for the subject -he disagrees, saying this is dangerous as in a film or TV docu-drama, the audience may believe what they see on the screen because original locations and names are used.

Doesn't that assume a low level of intellect in most people?…

One Lovely Blog Award

Ginger Simpson has awarded me a Blog Award, not that I recognised myself in her testimony - in fact I'd better check. Oh yeah, she did mean me! How nice of her. Now I have to think of three people who write blogs to send this to, and not all my friends write them.

These are the three, in chronological order of christian name so I'm not playing favourites;

Anne Whitfield, who took my embryo scribblings and helped me turn them into a proper novel. Poor woman, whenever I get discouraged by the number of rejections and my critiques don't come in with the comments I had hoped - she's the one I go running to for a good old whinge. She never gets bored with me - or at least she says she doesn't, I'll bet her husband Mark has a different story! She's a real fan of my work and I couldn't do without her.

Gemini Sasson, is also a critique partner and someone I got to for impartial advice. She is an awesome writer herself and I really value her opinion on my work. …
For those of you who have e-mailed asking how Mike is doing on The Mongol Rally - Here are a few excerpts from his blog. I think the roads must be bumpy or his internet time is restricted as his spelling is awful! Oh hang on - it always was-and this is a boy with two degrees!

Turkmenistan proved to be a shock. We had been warned of bandits, people who hate you, high prices and shitty roads. Apart from the roads ........ Turkmenistan was amazing. We met a young guy at the border who spoke perfect english and laughed at all the tales we had been told…it seems the place has moved far in the last few years. Ashgabat is insane; the president is basically playing Sim City with all the cheats on, building everything and making the place stunning but ignoring the fact he has nobody to live there and it’s to expensive. They have an Olypmic Stadium (labelled as such) which the locals say has never been used by anyone, ever….

In Turkmenbat on the border and stayed in the worst ex soviet hostel kno…

Are Writers Needy?

'You run into them [writers] at cocktail parties and have to bluff you way through. Writers, honestly, a lot of them are really nice, but they're so f*****g needy. They need constant validation.'

Quote From Too Close To Home' by mystery writer, Linwood Barclay

Hmmm . . .so does this mean he doesn't need validation and resents those writers who do, or is he taking the rise out of himself? If the former, I suppose having two 'Bestsellers' is validation enough that you have achieved status in your work and don't require the approval of others.

Writing, as every writer knows, is a solitary occupation and you have no idea if what you are writing is mildly acceptable or even plain rubbish until someone else reads it. The normal course of events for a writer is a pile of, 'Not For Us' letters, or you may be genius/lucky enough to get an acceptance. Even then, once a book is on the shelves, it may or may not sell well according to the marketing it gets.


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