Saturday, 18 July 2009

They're Off!!!

The London to Mongol Rally left Goodwood Racecourse, after the 'Festival of Slow' today. There were some amazing vehicles tricked up to go, including one carrying a full sized canoe and a fire engine covered with red fake fur with a crew of army boys going for the 'Help For Heroes' Charity!

After an honour circuit of the track, they headed off to the ferry at Dover. Their aim is to reach Prague by Monday night where the first party is being held. My lot are trying to get there via the Nurburgring in Germany to qualify for the 'sticker' to attach to the car. Whether they will try and go round the track fully loaded or not is debatable, we'll see.

An emotional day for everyone, although it was all smiles in this photo. I wonder how long that will last?

Ulaan Baatar is a long way - 10,000 miles in fact! I suspect I shall gets lots of writing done over the next five weeks to act as a distraction.

Photograph courtesy of Alex Davison


Marianne said...

Good luck to them all!

N. Gemini Sasson said...

An adventure of a lifetime. Best wishes to all for a safe and memorable journey.

Jen Black said...

How nice for them to have a Big Adventure to look back on when they're old and grey! Wish I'd done something adventurous when I was young. Nearest I got was 3 months as a summer camp councillor in the USA!

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