Piggy Flu

I have received a few e-mails this weekend along the lines of - 'Where are you, you've gone quiet.' I'm not being sulky or stand offish, honestly, but I suppose I had better come clean and 'out' myself.

I have succumbed to the dreaded Swine Flu. As I spend most of my time ensconced in my sitting room with the laptop, I have no idea how I contracted it, and although it's not pleasant, it's no worse than ordinary flu and I'm guaranteed it won't last as long either.

The bummer is, you cannot go to your doctor to be diagnosed, they make you answer a questionnaire online. I waited for the screen that said, 'Go Away You Are A Hypochondriac', but it never showed!

If you answer enough 'yesses', you are given a number, and your 'swine flue friend' [not you, you're infectious] takes that number and various pieces of ID to a 'collection centre' for the antibiotics. Again, not your doctor. Our nearest collection centre was thirty miles away, and when my husband got there he was told they weren't a collection centre any more - 'Whadya mean any more, you only opened three days ago!'

So he had to drive another ten miles to the next one. I wouldn't mind, but we have a doctor's surgery and a pharmacy right next door to our house!

The world's gone mad and I'm in the spare room!!


Jen Black said…
How do you know it's Swine flu and not ordinary flu? Keep smiling - they say it only lasts a few days! At least you know it's a well travelled bug.
Jen, commiserating but trying to keep you smiling.
Hope you feel better! Some kid in our neighborhood had it a couple of weeks ago, and everytime I sneeze I think I've contracted it.
Oh, I feel for you. Get better soon. Meanwhile, get some rest and don't do anything more strenuous than read a good book.
Carolin said…
Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I hope your version of the flu is as mild as possible - at least I've heard that it is no worse than the regular flu.

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