Saturday, 4 July 2009

Legitimate Research or Self Indulgence?

I'm not working right now, my choice and my husband is fine with it, but it means I have to give warning if I'm going to max out the credit cards. I wanted some books for research and when DH asks me what I spent....well you tell me if you consider this legitimate research or indulgence?

DH: How Much?
ME: They're a legitimate working tool, I needed them to draw an authentic picture of the time.
DH: The're all about the SAME SUBJECT! Why not buy just one?
ME: You buy three Sunday papers every week, from the high-brow conservative through liberal mainstream to the gutter press with big bazookas. Why?
DH: To give me a broader view of the news and current affairs, so I can decide what really happened as a single source can be slanted.
ME: Exactly - I need a broader view with different perspectives of the events.
DH: Who cares about what perspective you write a fiction novel in?
ME: I do, and I'm not getting into that.
DH: But they are virtually the same book!
ME: Are you pissed off at the amount I spent?
DH: Nooooo. I simply can't see why you need more. You're up to your ears in
historical refence books.
ME: Yeah - isn't it great?
DH: Oh, I give up.

Historical Fiction Author 1 - Husband: Nil


Jane Beckenham said...

Go you. Buy those books. I have 2 book cases of them, and love going back to them. And you're right everyone gives us a different perspective each and every time we read through them.
I must however, remember this conversation when I watch my hubby drooling over his 3 book cases of vintage car books!

Jane Beckenham

Anne Whitfield - author said...

Ok, I'll give Clive Mark's number and they can cry into their beer, yes?
Tell him that the sooner he gives in and doesn't make comment, the sooner his life is stress free. Poor luv.

Ginger Simpson said...

I pay the bills in the house, so my husband never knows what I spend. I have several books on the Lakota Tribe tucked neatly on the shelf by my desk. I used each of them at some stage of writing earlier novels, and they provided priceless information. Non-writers don't understand that if you write historical fiction, even if your characters aren't 'real,' your historical facts had better be. It's called being credible. *lol* And men...they don't understand most things about women, let alone authors.

Hugz, Anita...keep on buying those books.

Chris Redding said...

DH and I were walking thru Society Hill in Philly the other day and I mentioned that in one of my books, the heroine lives in Society Hill. He perked up. So this is a research trip? We can write this off.
Sadly, we can't because that book is already written.

Glynis said...

LOL, I like your style!

Julie Conner said...

Sigh, they just don't get it! At least your writer friends do so you know you're not insane :-)

N. Gemini Sasson said...

Know what I do? Bury my order in with something practical for the kids - like books on college selection or their required summer reading list for Advanced English. Mail comes during the day, books shelved before he gets home. IF he looks at the bill later and asks what it was for: Umm... Well, I got the kids some books for school and... (mumble, mumble). Then I ask him what he went to the hardware store for and - is that a new power tool?

Alison Stuart said...

LOL! We had a similar conversation over my propensity to buy the rather expensive guide books for every site of historical interest we visit on our OS trips:
DH: Why do you need to buy them?
Historical writer (HW): They are valuable resource tools for use when I get home.
DH: Can't you just look them up on the internet?
HW: Not the same thing and besides, they're tax deductible.
DH - (lapses into mutinous silence and refuses to visit the next Jane Austen Museum/Georgian House/County Museum on the grounds it will save the cost of the entrance ticket...)

Alison Stuart

Anita Davison said...

Thanks ladies for your empathy - I knew I'd find some. And Gemi, what is it about men and power tools???

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

This is funny and I love it. My hubby gave up arguing with me years ago. Now he just rolls his eyes and walks off. Although, he does go out of his way to avoid all routes that go by a bookstore.

Lisa Yarde said...

LOL. That was hysterical. Poor Clive, when will he learn?