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Piggy Flu

I have received a few e-mails this weekend along the lines of - 'Where are you, you've gone quiet.' I'm not being sulky or stand offish, honestly, but I suppose I had better come clean and 'out' myself.

I have succumbed to the dreaded Swine Flu. As I spend most of my time ensconced in my sitting room with the laptop, I have no idea how I contracted it, and although it's not pleasant, it's no worse than ordinary flu and I'm guaranteed it won't last as long either.

The bummer is, you cannot go to your doctor to be diagnosed, they make you answer a questionnaire online. I waited for the screen that said, 'Go Away You Are A Hypochondriac', but it never showed!

If you answer enough 'yesses', you are given a number, and your 'swine flue friend' [not you, you're infectious] takes that number and various pieces of ID to a 'collection centre' for the antibiotics. Again, not your doctor. Our nearest collection centre …

Should Authors Write For The Market?

There are lots of e-mails being exchanged recently in groups and forums that encourage new writers to ignore the fickleness of the current market and write what you love. To write from passion for your subject and remain true to our characters who demand their story be told, not to fit any criteria set by the publishing market.

Noble perhaps, but not very practical when the competition for authors has never been this fierce and publishers not only demand a genre specific story that is atmospheric and original, but perfectly written too, so they don't need to spend time and money on editing your work.

Write what you love is fine when you are already on a publisher's list and have some leeway to be adventurous, but as a relatively new novelist, I can't afford to be too reactionary. If I follow a few genre rules and write for the market, this may get me recognised, then that market might allow me to indulge my passion for a story that, although it may not tick all the boxes, mi…

They're Off!!!

The London to Mongol Rally left Goodwood Racecourse, after the 'Festival of Slow' today. There were some amazing vehicles tricked up to go, including one carrying a full sized canoe and a fire engine covered with red fake fur with a crew of army boys going for the 'Help For Heroes' Charity!

After an honour circuit of the track, they headed off to the ferry at Dover. Their aim is to reach Prague by Monday night where the first party is being held. My lot are trying to get there via the Nurburgring in Germany to qualify for the 'sticker' to attach to the car. Whether they will try and go round the track fully loaded or not is debatable, we'll see.

An emotional day for everyone, although it was all smiles in this photo. I wonder how long that will last?

Ulaan Baatar is a long way - 10,000 miles in fact! I suspect I shall gets lots of writing done over the next five weeks to act as a distraction.

Photograph courtesy of Alex Davison

Pimms Anyone?

My daughter went to the Henley Regatta last week - that icon of English summertime. When asked if she had a good time, this is what she sent me with the words - What Do You Think?

Nuff said.......

Legitimate Research or Self Indulgence?

I'm not working right now, my choice and my husband is fine with it, but it means I have to give warning if I'm going to max out the credit cards. I wanted some books for research and when DH asks me what I spent....well you tell me if you consider this legitimate research or indulgence?

DH:How Much?
ME: They're a legitimate working tool, I needed them to draw an authentic picture of the time.
DH: The're all about the SAME SUBJECT! Why not buy just one?
ME: You buy three Sunday papers every week, from the high-brow conservative through liberal mainstream to the gutter press with big bazookas. Why?
DH: To give me a broader view of the news and current affairs, so I can decide what really happened as a single source can be slanted.
ME: Exactly - I need a broader view with different perspectives of the events.
DH: Who cares about what perspective you write a fiction novel in?
ME: I do, and I'm not getting into that.
DH: But they are virtually the same book!
ME: Are you pissed …

What is this Meme Thing?


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