I Couldn't Go To The Conference, But........

This year's HNS Conference was held in Chicago and as I live in London, I wasn't able to go. Fellow author Dawna Rand did, however and I have shamelessly nicked this from her blog today.

C. W. Gortner, who happened to be one of the speakers had this to say.
* It took him 13 years to get published; but when he did, his book sold at auction
* He immediately went to New York to meet his editors and marketing people
* He spent half of his advance on marketing.
* There is value in virtual blog tours – but before going to a blog, check and make sure it has comments because comments mean traffic
* Marketing for the hardcover pays off in the paperback sales
* Use Google Alerts to see where you pop up in blogs.

Interesting stuff -especially about the 13years to get published - [but aren't I depressed enough as it is?] I mention him specifically, because this week I finished reading his book, 'The Last Queen'. Now that I write historical fiction, I tend to read the genre to see how other writers use terminology and portray events etc. - which has totally screwed my enjoyment as a reader, but you can't have everything.

So he’s getting two Google alerts on this - mine and Dawna's - and a little reminder that I'm the one who read it on my Sony E-Reader under the covers with the reader light on! He'll know what I mean!

I have to say -this book enthralled me. I knew about 'Mad Queen Juanna' of course, but MrGortner gave me a totally different perspective of her story. What a tragic, ill-used and sad character she was. A true victim of other's ambitions and betrayed by those who were suppposed to care about her. I was horrified, angry and moved by her plight all at the same time.

Great work Mr Gortner, this book is what I aspire to.


This was the first HNS conference I ever attended and I have to say what an engaging speaker C.W. Gortner was. One of the panels he spoke on, the topic was about writing in the opposite gender POV and whether there is any bias against that. Being a man writing a story in a first person woman's POV, that was one of the reasons he went with initials for his name on the cover - that and 'Christopher' took up too much space.

There were many stories about now successful authors taking many years or books to break into the business. Just goes to show you how important a trait persistence is.
Anita Davison said…
Don't rub it in! I'm so envious of those who managed to get there. I cannot think of anything nicer than talking books for three days straight!
Whisper said…
Wish i was there . Nice post

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