Saturday, 27 June 2009

20 Days To Go!

The Unprofessionals are 20 days from departure to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia via 16 countries, [giving Iran a miss with the current situation, hopefully] all in aid of the Christina Noble Childrens' Foundation.

Here is one of the promo photos done around London very, very early one morning. {The photographer whinged a little I hear}

They have raised £785 for the children's charity so far, and in Ulaan Batar, the car is donated and auctioned off to local villagers who wait months for these vehicles to arrive as imported cars are far too costly for the locals.

If anyone out there would like to contribute, please go to The Unprofessionals Website and click the 'Donate' tab to give something - even a dollar is welcome, they need to reach £1000 by leaving day.

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