Where To Now?

It's a strange and difficult time writing wise – which happens to most writers I know - with a new book out there awaiting an insightful publisher to pick up - well why not, it might happen - which way to go next!

My critique group are enthusiastic about one of my wips, but I have been made aware that historical fiction of this genre is not being published at the moment. It robs the work of the excitement in some ways, not to mention the urgency of doing the re-writes, but I still love the characters enough to finish it.

I do in fact have a story mapped out on a spreadsheet and a second is a germ of a idea based on a ‘Famous Woman of the 17th Century’. The principal, time, characters, setting and so on are in my head but I have no idea where I am going with it to make it a compelling story. As for actually writing it – bleah, I keep looking out of the window and not getting on with it. Hours at the laptop are one thing, but hours staring at the keyboard are something else entirely.

Someone tell me I’m not alone!


Jenna D said…
I hope you'll blog more about the story when you have decided who your Lady Protagonist is going to be!!!!

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