Thursday, 14 May 2009

RNA Summer Party 2009

My agent invited me to attend the Romantic Novelists’ Association Summer Party in St James last night, which proved to be an interesting and informative occasion. I met some incredibly nice authors, well of course they are nice I hear you say, who unanimously decreed I must join the Association. Their enthusiasm for the support and facilities offered by the group was infectious and I will most certainly do so.

I caught up with some familiar faces, Jean Fullerton amongst them, and also met some fascinating new ones, like Sarah Mallory, and Kate Johnson, who is every bit as warm and lively as her saucier alter ego Cat Marsters. OK, that’s enough name dropping.

Although I don’t write Romances as such, this group offer a wealth of experience, information and some lively conversation about the writing and publishing world. I’m sorry I didn’t succumb sooner. I'm now off to bone up on the conference in Penrith scheduled for July.

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