Monday, 1 June 2009

24 Hours London

A fellow blogging author, Marsha Moore, has a book coming out which may interest all those planning to come to London and who wish to visit some off-the-wall and fun places that don't cost a fortune [Did you know the admission to Westminster Abbey is £15 now? Outrageous - I gave it a miss - but St Margarets is still free].

Anyway, the book - 24 Hours: London, is an hour-by-hour listing to all the cool and crazy things to do in the most fascinating city in the world. The release date is August, but it's available for pre-order now at Amazon.

Marsha has spent weeks, no, make that months, trawling through the city's alleys and byways collecting unusual information and now its available to all. Here are a few of the things she has found:

- London's ecological dance club, where the lights are powered by the movement of dancers on the dance-floor.
- The Kniterati, a monthly knitting book group.
- Colin Firth's coffee shop.
- A 24-hour beigel shop once frequented by Mick Jagger.
-Ghost theatres, ghost hunting, and ghost stations.

And much more - I shall certainly be in the queue for a copy and I love this city too. It's so diverse and always changing.


N. Gemini Sasson said...

Anita - I am so jealous! I enjoy our bucolic existence and the peace here, but would love to be able to visit some of the historic sites so close to you.

Dawna said...

If your friend Marsha ever trawls around London and manages to get a hold of Richard Bremmer's address and telephone number, then kindly send me notification of these with a purchase price (or, better yet, HIM with a purchase price).

Because yes - there are a LOT of cool and crazy things to do in London. :)