Friday, 20 March 2009

Spring Is Here - Maybe

I received an message asking me what's the first thing I do when Spring arrives? My crypic response was that as I live in England, it's hard to know when Spring gets here, and for how long it intends staying. I received several mails back decrying my cynicism, so to show I do have a spirit of life renewal, here is a photo of the magnolia in my garden.

I must admit, it does look lovely and I'm looking forward to when it's in full bloom - the gardener on the other hand
[he came with the house] says it's a nightmare when it sheds! Oh well!


Lisa Logan said...

Magnolias! Oh, how lovely.

Seasons are an ambiguous and subjective thing here in Southern California, so I've taken to just accepting the calendar date. How much planting I do each year when "Spring" arrives is another matter--this year it's none thus far. But I did clear old pots, clean the furniture, and otherwise pretend I'm aware the days are lengthening.

Anne Gilbert said...

I don't know, exactly, where in England you live, but if those tulip magnolia buds(they're really magnolia x something else,or so I'm told)are any indication, spring has arrived in your part of the world! How do I know this? Well, I live in Rain City Otherwise Known As Seattle, Washington USA, and spring weather around here is. . .well, uncertain a lot of the time. However, I have a neighbor with a magnificent tulip magnolia just like yours, and it's about to bloom! Right on schedule. And the little star magnolia(the "real" kind), that's planted in my back yard has some buds about to bloom too. And the daffodils are blooming cheerfully, so it must be spring, at least around here!
Anne G