Friday, 13 March 2009

Frustration Happens!

I subscribe to Nathan Bransford’s blog, who, for the uninitiated is an agent at Curtis Brown. His post on 'Frustration' was interesting this morning, not to mention relevant, and I have blatantly plagiarised it here:

There are more books than slots at publishing houses, and that's the case now more than ever. Frustration happens. It's the nature of life in the book funnel.

It's also just built into the business. When you hear about a publisher jumping from $2.5 million to $3 million in an auction for a celebrity book, it's easy to think, "Uh... that publisher just nickle and dimed my client and refused to give them even $1,000 more when they really deserved it. And they passed on another project because they didn't want to take a risk on a debut. But they won't even blink at jumping $500,000 in an auction for a book about Paris Hilton's Chihuahua?" (Okay, it is kind of a cute dog. Also I'm kidding, that's not an actual book. Yet. UPDATE: Oops! Yes, it is.)

And no, I’m not putting the link in. Anyone interested in that subject wouldn’t be here!!

He goes on to say that it’s easy to let becoming published become your entire life . Writing is time consuming, let alone the promotion, blogging, agent research, publishers and the industry news to keep up with. Combine that with a day job – or even a life, and there’s nothing left in either time or energy.

He says publishing cannot be everything – so take a break and when you come back, you’ll be refreshed and perhaps even with new ideas.

Good advice, Nathan – now all I have to do is follow it!
And the picture - doesn't mean a thing but I like it.


Lisa Logan said...

BOY, as soon as I saw the title of this post I had to check it out. Frustration can be an author's middle name at times, and if I could clone myself so the real me would be able to simply enjoy writing as much as I wanted while The Other had to deal with the publishing and promotion, I'd be much happier. Until my clone flips out and stages a revolt, anyway.

Thanks for sharing this! And I like the picture, too!

RWAdams said...

Thanks for the reminder that no matter what, life happens. It's at least true for me that I get most of my best ideas while living my life, stepping out of it every once in a while to jot down some of the good parts, (and the bad parts).

As always, spot on, Anita!

Ginger Simpson said...

I read Nathan's post right before I engaged in the Eternal Press Writer's Workshop today. Our PR person did a magnificent job of pointing out the importance of promoting and marketing, complete with the fact we need to devote an hour to each group/site to which we belong. Factor in the 20+, that barely leaves time for email, blogging and most importantly, writing. Add in watching a six-year-old developmentally delayed grandson, and when do I find time to take a walk and smell the roses? *lol* Tomorrow I have to go to the doctor to have a 'prick' test to check my blood clotting time, then to Spencer's IEP meeting. Doubt, I'll find many posies to smell along the way.


Nixy Valentine said...

Great article, Anita. It's nice to see an agent that is willing to post about their frustrations as well as understanding ours!