Thursday, 26 March 2009

I Don't Do Hunks!

First off, I do not subscribe to the ‘Young Hunks’ style of book cover with athletic twentysomething men with their jeans round their hips and shaved and oiled chests – I find them tacky.

Besides, staring at half dressed photos of men the same age as my son creep me out somehow. Then Ginger Simpson, who writes lovely Western Romances, and Skhye Moncrief, posted some of Jay Tavare and – I think I’ve changed my mind.

He’s a native American Indian who contributes to good causes and was apparently killed off early in Cold Mountain, but I didn’t watch that film so this is all new to me. Anyway who cares – just look!

So thank you Skhye and Ginger - he’s quite something isn’t he?

And there's more on their blog here


Lisa Logan said...

He's definitely something! Way to go Skhye and miz Ging.

I was just talking about the "too young to hunk me" factor yesterday, in regards to the Twilight movies. Girls are all a-swoon over "Edward," when I've got kids older than he is. So cool flick, but not interested in going there.
Give me a more mature hunk who is doing something positive for mankind any day!


Lisa Yarde said...

I'm with you, Anita, as there's something to be said for this particular hunk. Thanks for the afternoon delight.

Skhye said...

Amen! Check out his website, ;) Skhye

Skhye said...

Amen! Check out his website, ;) Skhye

Samantha Tonge said...

Mmm...What else is there to say?:)


Nixy Valentine said...

Yes... definitely gorgeous! It's the eyes that get me.