For Tudor Buffs

To celebrate the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s accession to the throne in 1509 in the White Tower at the Tower of London, showing the largest number of original weapons, armours and military equipment. Named the 'Dressed to Kill Exhibition', Runing from the 7th April to 17th January 2010, it will include:

* The ‘Silvered and Engraved’ armour of King Henry VIII (about 1515)
* The Wilton anime armour of about 1544 for Henry VIII
* The ‘Horned Helmet’ presented to King Henry VIII by the Emperor Maximilian I (1511-14)
* The ‘Burgundian Bard’ horse armour of King Henry VIII (1511-15)

It's quite expensive, at £17 for an adult ticket, but for those Tudor buffs it could be well worh it for your research projects. I shall certainly be making the trip there sometime this summer, the best time to tour those stone caverns as they can get very cold.


Jen Black said…
Too far Anita. It would cost me the rail fare and an overnight stay...but to anyone who lives nearby, £7 seems well worth it.
BTW I've just caught up on your Jay Taverner - and I have only one question - have you see Rafa Nadal lately? They could be brothers.
Lisa Logan said…
Ooh, if you do go I hope you'll post a follow up on your blog about it! A bit far for a California gal to hop on over.


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