Blue Monday

Even More Frustration - For those who were expecting my green blog background – my provider has problems with the bandwidth and it’s messed it up – so I am reverting to a plain page until I can find a more reliable one!

That’s the trouble with using online blog templates – they store their images with providers like Photobucket, then when they become popular with lots of users, the bandwidth gets exceeded.

As the images aren’t provided with the html code, I cannot make my own as I have with others such as the HNC blog – so I'm off on a hunt for another template......


Jen Black said…
Ah, that's sad. I loved looking down your blog list!
What a pain! I don't even go near my template anymore...after the last time of almost pulling all of my hair out and then the horror of thinking I had lost all my stuff for good....argh!!!!
Lisa Logan said…
Man, I'd be so ticked!! And it WAS an awesome design, so I can see why it became so popular.

And like Amy said, when I recently messed with my template it dumped all my widgets, blog buttons, AND followers just for good measure, so I don't like to go near it.

Anita Davison said…
Give them credit - Gisell & Birdie's Blog did send out a message saying they were upgrading, butI shan't risk it gain.

I quite like the plain one now!
john said…
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Toby Cai said…
Yep! I was stunned when I saw a cup of coffee and a stark white background - but I like it. It doesn't compete with the wonderful jpeg offerings on your site.

I'm having problems with my blog, as well. It doesn't allow me to add anything - sometimes posting a blog consumes more time than writing a novel. Go figure.

Happy branding!
hock said…
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