Are You Protecting Your Brand?

Everywhere I look this week I see blogs and writing articles about Authors needing to establish their ‘Brand’ in order to market their books successfully. My Book Marketing Network Newsletter popped up in my inbox this morning and again, ‘Protect Your Brand’ was there in lights.

OK, I’ll go for it – what is my brand and how do I protect it?

For those who were as jittery as I was about going about this, what with writing, researching, editing and all the other things authors are expected to do to ‘put themselves out there’, I read the article and guess what? I am already doing it – apart from Twitter and I make no excuses for not going down that particular route!

Websites and personal blogs which attract readers are the best way to give yourself a web presence, and which author these days doesn't know that. Then there are the various social networking sites, like MySpace, Bebo, Ning, Red Room, Authors Den, etc. I have cut down on these lately, simply because 96% of the contacts are other authors promoting their own books. It’s lovely to network with other writers, and I love to know what’s coming out in the fiction world, but how do I connect more with people likely to buy my novels?

Having current works coming out all the time is definitely key, and for someone who hasn’t had a book published in seven months – I need to make that a priority.
[If only]

One tip I saw which sounds like one worth following, is made by Joanna Campbell Slan, author of the Agatha-nominated Best First Mystery Paper, Scissors, Death.

Joanna Campbell Slan says:
Compare your book to other bestselling titles/authors to help booksellers and readers get a better handle on what you've written. I explain that Paper, Scissors, Death is funny like Janet Evanovich, romantic like Nora Roberts, and full of the joy of women's friendships like Debbie Macomber. Readers know who they like and what they like, and your comparison helps them feel confident about their purchase.


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