Thursday, 29 January 2009

Out Of Touch

I'm moving house this weekend, and any minute, my computer is going to get buried under a pile of bedlinens or kitchen equipment and I won’t see it for days! I’ve moved it ten times this morning but it keeps finding its way back in the ‘To Be Stowed’ pile!

I have had some encouraging comments on ‘The Maze’ at Authonomy – from complete strangers who have no reason to tell me my writing is any good. I decided to try and approach the manuscript in the same way I search for books to read, with no preconceived ideas about the story.

I'ts amazing what you see when being objective. The editors are right in that if you ask, ‘Is there a reason for this paragraph?’ and the answer is No, remove it. It’s not as painful as I thought.

I’m reducing the word count without really trying. Hopefully, the prose is crisper, and easy to read. I need to get it down to 100,000 words as it seems to be a basic requirement for most publishers.

I worry that the more I re-write a particular storyline, the more the impact will be lost, however, even to me this story still has passion in it – no not that kind, I’m hopeless with the sizzling scenes, I always end up laughing like a schoolgirl. Mostly telling myself, 'I can’t say that!’

One nice aside - a gentleman who responded to my comment on his story, read ‘The Maze’. He e-mailed me last night to say he had ordered my first novel, that had arrived from Amazon that morning. You never know when the promotion thing will pay off do you?

I’ll be going, ‘No mail’on my blogs and groups until settled in the new house and get the internet sorted. I hope I can stand the withdrawal!

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Nixy Valentine said...

Thanks for stopping by today. I was hopeful you'd have another post up, but no such luck! I have subscribed though, so I will be sure to come back when you're finally settled! Moving is so difficult. It always takes me about 3 years to unpack the last box.

Of course I don't mind the link! I love your blog, and will be adding you to my blogroll as well. :)