Book Deals at Authonomy


Coming fast on my last blog about Authonomy and the cynics who claim the site is misleading, Harper Collins have officially announced three multi book publishing deals have been offered to three Authonomy Authors.

How’s that for encouragement to all those struggling would be scribblers who feel they will never get a crack at a mainstream publisher?

My own novel has moved up a thousand points in the ranks and I’m receiving some very nice comments from people who have no reason to ‘blow smoke up my ass’, as my DH is fond of saying about the critique groups I belong to.

Now getting HC to take a look at it – and like it – is another thing!

The very best of luck to those new writers and for those who are interested – take a look here.


Jen Black said…
I suspect I'm one of the cynics you mentioned, so when I read this news about HC and the 3 books, I thought I'd better eat my words in public! Great stuff! Might just wander over and take a look myself...
Ginger Simpson said…
HEY....I take exception to your DH's comments about your critique partners. I have NEVER once, or have I even contemplated blowing smoke up your ass.

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