Friday, 16 January 2009


Recommended by my critique partner, Gemi, I signed up to the Authonomy site run by Harper Collins and uploaded my latest wip. The purpose of the site, is to have your work read and commented on by other authors. If they add comments to your work and recommend it to others who in turn read it, your book ranking climbs. If you participate regularly and comment on other books and on the forum, your member ranking climbs too.

The higheryour workclimbs,the more chance it has to make 'The Editor’s Desk' and the ultimate aim is to be one of the five manuscripts a month that are read by a Harper Collins editor.

My manuscript has been on the site for five days and four people have added it to their bookshelf and I have had five constructive and complimentary comments on it. My ranking has climbed considerably, but part of that I put down to it being on the ‘new’ list and those books are bound to get attention.

However, browsing through the forums, I have noticed that some people seem to be under the impression that Harper Collins staff will be trawling through the site offering six figure book deals to at least three authors a day.

They aren’t happy bunnies that in their opinion, this isn’t happening either.

I don’t know how old the site is, but HC are a large company and any negotiations are going to take months, not days. So maybe they
have approached some authors, but if they haven’t, why are the authors complaining?

The site is available to anyone, your work gets read and you receive feedback. This feedback is predominantly constructive and useful, enabling the author to polish and hone their work – and all for free. And as my fellow author Ginger Simpson said in her own blog today,
'It's a known fact, if you solicit an opinion, you'll get one...and you may not always like it or agree.'

I intend staying on the site, at least for a while. I would recommend it to anyone who wants feedback on their work and who is prepared to offer it to others in return.

They won't find me complaining anyway.


Ginger Simpson said...

I'm honored to be quoted in your blog, and to know that you read mine. Great post, and of course, you know I'm off to check this site out. Which manuscript did you submit?


Phyllis Campbell said...

Harper Collins (Avon) has always been my target. Yet, I don't dare even hope my story will be looked at just because I posted it on the blog... But I suppose miracles do happen to some people.


Chris Redding said...

Sounds like a great opportunity and a great idea. I'm there.

Ginger Simpson said...

I posted mine, then shortly after received an email telling me I had my first comment. I was shaking in my boots, (literally if I had had boots on) and was so relieved to discover it was Anita. Whew! Thanks girl for the kind words.


Anita Davison said...

Heh, heh, nice to take you off guard. And congratulations on Tender Return


Jen Black said...

I heard about this site about six months ago from amother author. I didn't follow up on it. It seemed to me that if you had a huge bunch of friends they would all vote for you, but what would that gain you?
I thought of it as a semi-self-publishing route but when one of you gets the Big Call, shout out and I'll eat my words!

Nixy Valentine said...

I am very interested to hear how this pans out for you! Did you try submitting your book to agents and publishers before this, or was this your first stop with the book?

I read about authonomy, and it sounds to me like it would take an enormous amount of networking on their forums to build up a following. I can see that would really work for some!

Best of luck to you!