It's Christmas Again

I need to write a Christmas Blog, but I'm not sure where to begin. Achievements of 2008 and goals for 2009? Hmm, could be depressing, although some nice things have happened this year. My second novel, Duking Days Revolution was released in the summer and I finished my Victorian Romance, which, fingers crossed, a publisher is more than casually interested in!! I'm quite pleased at having completed NaNoWriMo this year too, so I do have a couple of projects in hand.

My real goal for 2009 though is to move house, permanently this time, we have had too many moves in the last five years. It's helped in some ways, in that I've had time to spend on my writing, but I'm not really a gypsy, despite my grandmother telling me her grandmother was a true Romany. I haven't been able to verify this as she didn't give me any further details, but she wasn't a fanciful woman so I think I believe her.

My second ambition is to finish my Restoration Novel. Like my first two, this story is set in London, and Exeter, a city which is full of history and one I can describe with a fair amount of personal knowledge. Not a pure romance novel, but stories about a family in a time of political and social turmoil, love and loss, tends to be romantic whatever age you write about.

The family are Parliamentarians, who view the restoration of Charles II with some trepidation, wondering if they will be punished for their convictions or if they can prosper in the new world about to come.

I wish my fellow authors and any readers who stop by my blog on occasion,
A Very Merry Christmas to you all and a Prosperous and Successful New Year


Lisa Yarde said…
Meery Christmas to you, Anita. Great things happened in 2008 and I hope 2009 is even better for you. Cheers, Lisa.
Jen Black said…
Happy Christmas to you and yours. The Devil's Whore should alert people's interest in your period, so maybe 2009 will be even better for you.
Merry Christmas, Anita! I tagged you for a meme over at my blog if you'd like to play.

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