National Novel Writing Month

I haven’t taken up the NaNoWrMo challenge before, of drafting a novel in thirty days. However authors on all the Yahoo groups I subscribe to talk about it all the time as if it were a sort of ‘Rite of Passage’.

With my latest wip, ‘The Maze’ down to the last three chapters to go through Critique, I've had a story idea for a novel circling in my head for the last few weeks. So perhaps the month of November will be the time I get it off the ground.

The story is another Victorian Romance, but this time I’m going to stick to the traditional ‘formula’ of the two main characters meeting before page twenty five and having an HEA ending.

I have to write 50,000 words in 30 days. That’s about a 1650 word daily average – oh dear, put like that it comes home to me this is serious.

I have put a date counter and word graph on this blog if anyone wants to see how I’m doing and if you feel like joining me, and my friends Gemini Sasson and Ginger Simpson, who have signed up too, so we won’t be totally among strangers.

If you want to take up this challenge, visit

There are an amazing number of people doing it and they are all on the NaNoWriMo forum telling everyone how nervous they are, like a line of racehorses lining up in the boxes. So if you have a project in mind and need some motivation – here’s your chance.


Gemini Sasson said…
Yes, I claim full responsibility for corrupting you and taking you away from your family this month.

(who has been away all the today and needs to do 1650 words by midnight and it's already 6 p.m.)
Lisa Yarde said…
Anita, just wanted to wish you the best of luck. Lisa

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