I Love My E-Reader

For everyone who e-mailed asking what I thought of the Sony E-Reader - Well, I have had mine 24 hours now.The first thing I did was download the user manual onto my laptop. As the paper one opens out like a world map, I gave that up very quickly.

I was prepared for a lot of menus and buttons, which defeat me on mobiles phones - but there aren't many at all their functions are straightforward. The size of a small paperback but very slim, the reader is satisfyingly heavy and finished in a smart brushed steel and is supplied with a soft cover like an ordinary book. The text is easy to read and the font can be changed to three sizes.

Once charged, which takes about two hours and is done by plugging it into your pc, you have to upload the library software to import e-books from online stores, or CD. Then it’s simply a drag-and-drop process to get them onto the E-Reader.

About 100 books are included on a CD, and I chose a few old favourites like Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion, but was also able to upload pdfs of my own books as well. The Kindle will only take its own format and some books are only available on Microsoft Reader – which is free to download, but not quite so much fun.
I love the feel of a new book and have shelves full I wouldn't part with, but more and more distributors supply books in electronic format and even Luddites like me are going to find they are the norm soon.

As mentioned on Ginger's Blog, whenever authors are interviewed and asked who their favourite authors are, they invariably stick to the more famous names. In promoting my own work, I would rather wave the flag for authors and friends published by independent presses, so hopefully, I'll read and recommend more of their work. So if anyone has any great Historical Fiction they think I MUST read available on e-book format – you know where to send them.

Oh, and I was invited by Kim Smith to join a new Yahoo Group called ‘A Cozy Home’, to see what goes on in the ‘Cozy Mysteries’ Genre. Nope - I don’t know exactly what that is yet either, but am intruiged and would like to learn.


Kim Smith said…
Thanks for the info on the ereader. I am itching to get one now! I sent a link to my hubby for a Christmas present :)

Thanks also for the plug of A COZY HOME. We would love to have anyone who is a cozy mystery lover, reader, or wants to be. It is a yahoo group so it is really easy to join and participate.

Historical fiction has always been a favorite of mine, and I am going to do my best to get some new reads of this genre soon.
Margaret Tanner said…
Hi Anita,
Very interesting and it doesn't sound hard to use. I could probably manage that even with my limited technicak skills. I will have to investigate it. I am going overseas next year, I wonder if the e-reader will be cheaper than in Australia.
Margaret Tanner
Maryann Miller said…
Good info about the Sony. My publisher, Five Star Gale, has a lot of short stories available for the Sony. Not one of mine, yet. :-)

I twittered about this and put a link to your blog. Hopefully that will bring a few folks to read this.
Anita Davison said…
Thanks, Kim, Margaraet and Maryann - hopefully we can generate some interest in more e-books!
Mirella Patzer said…
I love my Sony Reader too. I like it because it can accept Word Files. I sometimes have a little trouble with Adobe Reader format on it.

I also use my cell phone to read books via eReader.

I don't have a kindle and I'm not contemplating one - I don't like monopolies. I think makers of these electronic devices need to get their act together and open their readers up to take more formats. Whoever invents the reader that will read everything will make a million.

Glad you shared!


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