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Rosalie tagged me, so this post is in the tradition of passing it on to get other author blogs and websites visited - Working from Rosalie’s questions, below are six things about me:

1. I don’t want to be a grandma – I am only twenty five inside my head and don’t anticipate being any older, despite what the mirror and my birth certificate say. But I suppose, like motherhood – you don’t know how it changes you until it happens.
2. Family is the most important thing in life – as long as they don’t touch my laptop- trash my writing or make jokes along the lines of: ‘Mum’s losing it, she’s got her head in that computer again!’ – then I daydream about divorcing them all and living on an island somewhere.
3. I have three wip’s and would like to finish at least one this year and discipline myself to stop tweaking them and move on.
4. We recently stayed in Cheshire, where there is some beautiful countryside and scenic walks Also, the Peak District and the Lake District are both within easy access.
There, I’ve acknowledged it – now leave me alone on the sofa by the fire with my laptop - hiking boots? No, DH I’m not buying any – if you want to go tramping over the hills in the drizzle – get a Labrador!
5. My ambition is to write full time – Although I’m supposed to be a working wife and housewife, actually I’m pretty rubbish at both and spend most of my time writing – I just lie about everything else!
6. My other ambition is to see my books on the shelves of Waterstones, Ottakar’s, Borders and WH Smith.

Here are my six tags:

Ginger Simpson – I know I have done her before, but you really shouldn’t miss her blog for more than a week, it’s hilarious.

Margaret Tanner – Because I know she is promoting her Novel ‘An English Rose’ and if this brings more people to her site that would be great

Lisa Yarde – Because she’s been with me from the beginning of my writing career and I would never have got this far without her continuing help and encouragement – and she’s written a wonderful book which is just waiting to be launched on the world

Mirella Patzer
– This lady is not only a great writer and editor, but also the most prolific blogger and has some really great ones out there – see them all, especially the Women and History Blog and Historical Novel Reviews

Phyllis Marie Campbell – Another author with a great personality and wicked sense of humour who writes lovely romances.

Gemini Sasson – An extremely talented author of Medieval Historical Fiction, she has written a lovely story about Queen Isabella and Roger Mortimer - whom I am convinced will be published very soon – and I got to read her work first!

Rosalie Skinner - And of course the lady who tagged me in the first place:


Mirella Patzer said…

Thanks so much for mentioning my blogs. I am honored.

I love your blog and the new look and title. I'm happy to say Im a regular subscriber. Your posts are funny, informative, and interesting.
Margaret Tanner said…
Hi Anita,
At last I have actually been able to get into your blog.Like Bruce and the spider, if at first you don't succeed try... Thank you so much for "tagging" me I really appreciate it.
Margaret Tanner
Anita, you tagged me! Cool! Now...I have to think of six things about myself, right? Okay, I'll start thinking... heehee

Thanks girlfriend!

Gemini Sasson said…
Hey Anita,

Where do you find the time? 3 wip's, a spectacular blog, and mentoring stubborn hopefuls like me? You're an absolute gem. I'm elated to have stumbled across your path.

To Margaret - Bruce and the spider... I'm working on that story right now.

All the best,

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