Duking Days

Duking Days Rebellion
Helena Woulfe, the daughter of a wealthy Exeter nobleman leads a privileged life. However, when King Charles II's reign ends, rebellion sweeps the West Country and after Monmouth’s defeat at Sedgemoor, she takes to the road in search of her missing father and brother.
 When soldiers ransack her home and the family estate is confiscated by the crown, Helena and her younger brother Henry, seek refuge with a London family who take them in. Bereft and abandoned, Helena and her brother hope the capital will overlook her past and they can make a new life. 
However King James II wants revenge on all those who opposed him, and there are others willing to do harm to a traitor's daughter. Before she can find happiness with Guy, the man who offers her the security and respectability Helena seeks, she learns her family’s allegiances can snatch away her safety at any time.

Duking Days Revolution

Now married to goldsmith Guy Palmer, Helena lives in a London that finds itself suffering the brunt of anti Catholic riots and with Aaron still in Holland plotting with Prince William, Helena's life is anything but peaceful, especially when Henry is in love with a married woman.
When Aaron Woulfe returns to England with Prince William's invading force their, lives change for the better. However war is not far away and each of the Woulfes must confront challenges and blessings, from childbirth, fire, smallpox and economic upheaval to adultery, warfare, murder, and manslaughter, while the story ends with happiness for some and the revelation of a secret that affects them all.

These books are currently out of print but my agents is actively seeking a new home for them.

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